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We are producer of machines and their parts on special demand

Quality is our main goal – reliability of our machines is a priority and key to our customer’s satisfaction.

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The Constech company was founded in 2011, initially providing services in the field of tooling and machines design.


Overhead and gantry cranes as well as stationary cranes are basic lifting devices in almost entire industry, used as an aid in the processing of heavier details to transporting loads of tons.

Rotomoulding machines

Rotomoulding, or rotational casting, is used for products larger than injection moulding, where mold making and other parameters would be very uneconomical.

Supply of metal parts

We specialize in a wide range of metal parts production. We carry out production on the basis of the documentation provided, using materials entrusted or purchased from our proven suppliers.


The Constech company was founded in 2011

At the beginning, we were designed machines, their parts and tools. The next step in development was subcontracting to Pomeranian companies. The company is currently developing its own products – custom-made machines.

We offer:

We own 3D design programme with computer aided calculations

The photo on the right shows a computer simulation of the main beam of the crane.

We focus on quality – the reliability of our machines is a priority and the key to customer satisfaction.

Our welders are experienced professionals from various industries, and the entire team from high school has been involved in technology and sees it not only as work, but also great satisfaction and passion! This value cannot be overestimated, especially in demanding projects.